Renewing nutritional experience.

Powder to prepare a red fruit- flavored drink, with different metabolites
combined in favor of your nutrigenetics*.

Extracted from fermentation

olive leaf, rosemary, green tea and black bean.


We know that you are looking for experiences for your nutrition, and that is why Kronuit Fire offers its new and innovative ADS (Advanced Delivery System) technology that provides you with a renewing nutritional experience* thanks to the controlled release of its components in an effective way and with better assimilation, through nanoparticles that complement the natural energy in an intelligent way*, along with good nutrition.

Loaded with ADS Technology.

(Green Tea Polyphenol)

Kronuit Fire is extracted from the fermentation of olive leaf, rosemary, green tea and black bean, which contain a significant amount of anthocyanins, the result of Sanki’s exclusive and innovative Japanese technology: TOG (Green Tea Polyphenol).


ONR is formulated with ingredients of 100% vegetable origin, and grown on farms with a low contamination environment and strict quality control.


Share Japanese technology inspired by Chronobiology research.

The perfect combination:
Inner7 & Kronuit

sanki mayor

Kronuit Fire


How to
take it

Dilute 1 stick per day in 8oz of water.

Take before
or during dinner.

Once prepared, consume within 24 hours. 


Taken orally, by diluting 1 stick in 8 oz of warm water. Consume before or during dinner.
Once prepared, consume within 24 hours.

Product for ages 12 and over.

It contains different and combined metabolites to favor your nutrigenetic and is extracted from the fermentation of olive leaf, rosemary, green tea and black bean, which contain a significant amount of anthocyanins.

Kronuit Fire 2.0 is sugar free.

No adverse effects have been reported from the use of the product.

FOOD SUPPLEMENT This product is not a medicine. Cont. Net. 81 g (27 sachets of 3 g each).

Quiénes somos

Sanki Global es una empresa internacional de origen japonés cuyo objetivo es ser el motor de cambio en la calidad de vida de las personas para que abran sus posibilidades a un bienestar sostenible.

Somos uno de los primeros en el mundo en desarrollar, distribuir y comercializar productos de Nano-biotecnología, nutrigenómica, pruebas clínicas In-vivo y fermentación.

Los laboratorios Sanki Mayor se encuentran en Tokio, Japón, y reúnen a un selecto grupo de científicos que por más de 40 años han investigado a los “Centenarios” de la Isla de Okinawa para comprender su estilo de vida y cómo éste repercute en su bienestar sostenido y en su tiempo de vida.

Nuestros laboratorios crean, desde la naturaleza, productos que ayudan a transformar la calidad de vida de las personas.

Sanki cuenta con más 11 años de historia que logran presencia en el mercado de México, Colombia, Perú y Estados Unidos. Actualmente tiene como objetivo llegar cada vez a más personas en el mundo para que logren una conciencia por la vida y hagan que su día cuente.

Who we are

Sanki Global is an international company of Japanese origin whose goal is to be the engine of change in the quality of life of people to open their possibilities to a sustainable wellness.

We are one of the first in the world to develop, distribute and commercialize Nano-biotechnology, nutrigenomics, In-vivo clinical trials and fermentation products.

Sanki Mayor Laboratories is located in Tokyo, Japan, and brings together a select group of scientists who for over 40 years have been researching the "Centenarians" of Okinawa Island to understand their lifestyle and how it impacts their sustained wellness and lifespan.

Our laboratories create, from nature, products that help transform people's quality of life.

Sanki has more than 11 years of history, achieving market presence in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the United States. Currently, our goal is to reach more and more people around the world so that they can become aware of life and make their day count.

The meaning of Sanki

It is the true reflection of a different ideology of life that is a sum of balance, purity, technology, and the search for a better quality of life.

The name comes from the combination of “San”, a Japanese suffix that is used as an expression of honor and respect to the greatest degree, and “Ki”, the vital energy and life-generating force.


At Sanki, we believe that people require self-discipline, courage, and the endurance to achieve their goals. Because of this, we are inspired by the Bushido Code, the Samurai Code, as a fundamental pillar of our values: Justice, Respect, Courage, Honor, Benevolence, Honesty, and Loyalty.

Sanki finds its foundation in the Eastern way of life, in service to others, because we firmly believe in humanity. Its significance is in turning the world into a place of people who give wisdom, understanding that “consciousness” is fundamental for having the quality of life being sought today.

At Sanki, we follow the Japanese philosophy of high-level service, called Omotenashi. We always seek to anticipate your needs to be able to meet them to the fullest.

Omotenashi is a lifestyle in Japan that means “Japanese hospitality” – hospitality without expecting anything in return. Its philosophy is the foundation of courtesy, service and attention.

This practice has influenced the vision of our company, aiming for the Sanki community to adopt it and live with this unique experience- It is a gift we have had the opportunity to bring into our relationship with Japan.

At Sanki, we know that we need to raise the awareness of humanity so that it takes action in advance.

This is the story of a Mexican who made his
dream come true by bringing to Mexico a
truly innovative product 
that had to be known
in all corners of the world. It took him just one
day to take advantage of this opportunity and
travel to Japan.

In that week he traveled to
Tokyo and, without hesitation, made one of
the most important decisions of his life – to start
a new story.



For Ing. Alejandro López Tello, the empowerment of women was his greatest inspiration. The importance of women had to be elevated to independent beings, capable of achieving
their goals of improvement and empowerment. The “clock”, Sanki’s logo, reflects the history of López Tello, since time is very limited. Time is our main asset, and what we do or stop doing

is key, since time defines us.

Motivate yourself to live better and make the impossible possible!

More than 11 years of responsibility, perseverance, challenges and achievements, a path that has just begun. Undoubtedly, this story of entrepreneurship and motivation should change the vision of men and women who doubt their abilities and are afraid to start a business. Taking charge of your life is the first step. What do you do to make your day count?



Launch February 27, 2010

Our core mission is "To be a force for wellness in the world so that you can evolve without limits and fulfill your life's purpose". We are driven by our unique mission and pure purpose to provide advanced solutions to humanity. As leaders we know our responsibility to create an environment of transformation and transcendence, strengthening the inner richness that is created in each of our members.

We must remember our sense of belonging, since the Sanki community is a big family that unites and forms a whole; what one does, has an impact on all. Sanki is not about individuality, a brand or a company, it is about motivating to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way. We want to be a community-driven organization and we must show tolerance, humility and kindness in everything we do.


"To be the company that unites and guides more people in the world towards holistic wellness."