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In Sanki you are the most important thing. Our foundations, in addition to research, technology and search for well-being, are the sum of entrepreneurship, leadership and growth of those who want to be part of our community of leaders entrepreneurs. Our greatest motivation is to empower to the women of the world.

We are Japanese technology innovative and fascinating!


of Japanese origin.

in Nano-biotechnology.

Control of our products from sowing, cultivation
and extraction to the and extraction all the way to the final consumer.

Products formulated by
a team of biochemists and
scientists from Japan and Europe.

Novel ADS technology which aids in the controlled release of its components.

40 years of research and development in
nutrigenomics, in vivotests and fermentation.

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More than 400, 000 satisfied distributors
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At Sanki:

We want to be a force for well-being in the world to to drive unlimited evolution and the evolution and the achievement of your purpose in life.

We want to be the driving force for change in people's quality of life to open up the possibilities for sustainable wellbeing

Sanki conveys in his reason for being. the importance of believing in oneself as people who seek purposes and align themselves to achieve them.

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Nanotechnology valued at 42 billion dollars

Biotechnology valued at 370 billion dollars

Biotechnology valued at 4.2 trillion dollars

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