¿Postbiotics, what are they?

The benefits of prebiotics and probiotics are well known worldwide as many brands integrate them and take advantage of their benefits. But a new era has arrived, postbiotics! and it is slowly becoming a fascinating topic in the field of health and wellness. Postbiotics are natural chemicals that occur within our intestinal flora and are unique in that they can have beneficial health effects without relying on the presence of a living cell.


One way to incorporate postbiotics into our diet is through the consumption of fermented products. These products, such as kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir, contain a wide variety of probiotic microorganisms that produce postbiotics. By consuming these foods, we are providing our body with a natural source of these bioactive substances that can benefit our health.

Postbiotics are produced by other small organisms and have the ability to stimulate and modulate the host’s immune response without relying on the presence of live microorganisms. Postbiotics are an easier to control alternative to traditional probiotics and offer great potential for improving health and wellness. By including fermented products in our diet, we can take advantage of the benefits of postbiotics and promote healthy eating.


Research on postbiotics is in its early stages, and there is much potential for discovering new bioactive compounds; this opens up a world of possibilities for developing postbiotic-based products and therapies that could have significant impacts on human health.

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